The Australian Constitution

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Through this course, we provide an annotated analysis of the Australian Constitution so that you can learn about its history, content, and principles.

This includes a total of 1.5 hours of video content and quizzes across Modules 1 – 4.

In Module 5, we provide a digital version of the Constitution for your convenience.

As an added bonus, Module 6 includes a full digital copy of the The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth, by Quick and Garran which was written published shortly after the Australian Constitution was written. This it itself is valued at $172.25 when you purchase this in paperback form!

  • Module 1: The origins of the Australian Constitution
  • Module 2: The First Half
  • Module 3: The Latter Sections
  • Module 4: Conclusions
  • Module 5: a digital copy of the Australian Constitution
  • Module 6: The Annotated Constitution of the Australia (Free Book)


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